Clevedon Skate Project

Building a skatepark, Building a pump track, Building a community

We are a charity raising money to redevelop Clevedon's skate and ride facilities, including a new skate park and new pump track. We also support events and activities that promote skateboarding, cycling and scooting in Clevedon. We raise awareness regarding the benefits that an improved skatepark and new pump track can bring to Clevedon and the surrounding communities.

​We are getting there, but we need your help.

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Thank you so much for all your responses to the consultation. We had over 500 responses from a really wide variety of people, from skaters & bikers, to parents, local residents and visitors. We are now going through the hundreds of comments to put together in a report to work out what this means for the building of the new skatepark and bike track. We will let you know as soon as this is ready!


...for the latest news on fundraising, events, conversations and activities or to share your stories of riding in Clevedon

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DONATE help make the vision a reality. As a charity we rely on donations. All our members are volunteers. The redevelopment project has the support of the council, but is not funded by the council. We are looking to raise money through various funding opportunities, but we can't build the new skatepark and pump track without your support. Any donations really help us reach our goal, however small. We are currently setting up a donations page, but at present you can email us if you would like to donate Help us build a better Clevedon.


...the story as it began. We teamed up with students at Boom Satsuma to produce a short video about the beginnings of the skate project in Clevedon. This was premiered at the Curzon in Clevedon with a Q&A, exhibition and more.